About Drug Life

We are a strategic information company inspired to transform how pharmacists optimize pharmacotherapy in todays’ digital healthcare ecosystem. We aim not only to provide an alternative professional resource but also a form of entertainment to the pharmacy community

Drug Life is a real-time open forum for verified pharmacists to provide insight, collect feedback, earn honoraria, and relate to each other professionally and personally on a secure social, professional or even anonymous platform. All Pharmacists are VERIFIED prior to membership..

Our Vision

To optimize pharmacotherapy by developing a unified pharmacy subculture that will impower pharmacist expertise and enhance overall drug management in today’s digital healthcare ecosystem.

Our Mission

We aim to effectively collect peer drug expertise and professional lifestyle through a clinical real-time peer collaborative platform, mobile applications, and products that contribute to the definition and desires of the pharmacy community’s practice and personal life.

“All of healthcare needs more pharmacist insight on drug therapy to help optimize patient outcomes, reduce cost, and advance pharmacotherapy. We want to take these cumulated insights and make them accessible to every pharmacist in a streamlined real-time way."

Founder & CEO

Why are we unique?

Our services and products will allow pharmacists to share and collaborate cases with peers in real-time, socialize, network, have fun, and even earn honoraria. We allow the pharmacy community to have a unique place to comfortably allow pharmacists to collaborate with each other in real-time about clinical, legal, and operational topics. To address current Pharmacy lifestyle news and topics, financial advice, popular lists, Salary awareness, comical gifs about daily pharmacy life, relevant social news on pharmacy, insider views of student life, allowing viewer commentary on posts, illicit drug use trends, blow off steam and share personal experiences with verified pharmacists in a closed, secure, anonymous environment.

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